v.26.5 Plans

Posted by elevations - 14/11/12 04:51AM

We plan to release v.26.5 soon,

The main core features of v.26.5 is the new "Capture the flag" Events

The capture the flag events are split into two teams, red vs blue, each team will automatically appear wearing red or blue boots.

In order to score points you must go to the other end of the map and steal the opposites teams flag by picking it up, It will then be automatically equipped as a weapon and the other team can kill you which will drop the flag. By bringing back the flag to your home base you will score one point and the flag will be respawned back at there home base.

The capture the flag events will start every 4 hours, the winning team will be rewarded 500K EXP and a random chance between gold or an event ticket.

You will also get 40K EXP for every point your team scores, and 5K EXP for every kill you land on the opposite team.

There will also be a border line between the two teams and once you cross the border with the opposites team flag they will be notified.

They capture the flag events will also include Halo sound effects to make it easier to understand (Please don't sue us bungie).

Other Features

The other features of v.26.5 include mainly some graphical updates to the user interface (Player and NPC HP bars), and graphical glitches being fixed as well as a small extension to the tile sets.

v.26 Released!

Posted by elevations - 01/11/12 05:22AM

Happy Halloween!

Posted by elevations - 22/10/12 07:01PM

We have started the Halloween event early and will be running for the entire week! Get on now as you only get the Halloweens items once a year!

Type /warp Halloween to participate in the Halloween event.


Server is back online!

Posted by elevations - 15/10/12 09:55AM

The server unexpectedly shutdown and has now been turned back on, sorry for the inconvenience. 

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