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Here you will be able to find the Isocraft downloads when the beta is released.


New: who is online?
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You can now see who is online by clicking the link above or by clicking here:

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New updates coming out:

  • Quests
  • Maps
  • Items
  • Beta Client(not sure when yet but its almost ready)

Beta client NEW features:

  • New PM system
  • Item Stats
  • Backgrounds (e.g the black space you see outside a map will be a proper background)
  • Right click menu updated, (view menu's from player online list)
  • Login character selection menu on the left
  • Weather
  • Day/Night

Later Release Features

  • Building Engine (e.g like minecraft, will be used for players building there own houses and more)
  • Cut Scenes
  • Mounts
  • Running/Speed
  • Skills (not like spells)
  • Party Engine (e.g similiar to maplestory)
  • Mail boxes (custom windows)
  • Global Market (custom windows)
  • Player Shops (make your own stand/stall while your offline)
  • Farming, Smithing, Mining, WoodCutting, Fishing, Cooking (upgraded)
  • Profiles (e.g kinda like facebook but more of an personal in-game thing)
  • Weapons that evolve at different levels
  • Powerups
  • Time Travel Engine (for the evolution core)
  • Guild Wars
  • Upgraded Pets (e.g customizeable name, better windows, evolve, talk, inventory, and more)
  • Boss Engine (E.g bosses won't just attack, will be able to use skills, spells, and different combinations)
  • Friend List, Family list, (upgraded)
  • TNL, LEVEL SYSTEM upgraded.
  • Flying (yes you will be lifted into the air then be able to zoom across the screen like superman, wings animation included)
  • World Map (Upgraded travel bob)
  • Perks (e.g every 10 levels choose a special bonus e.g potions heal 1% extra health)
  • Passive Skills
  • Voice Engine (for voice acting / cutscenes)
  • Buyable shops, towns, villages (earn money from purchased towns (costly)) will be apart of the Building engine
  • Upgrade armor (use special parts to upgrade armours (e.g use a firestone to make your fallen plate become fallen plate 10% resist to fire damage)
  • Elements, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth
  • Lay down feature( on beds, on people, sex engine maybe xD?)
  • Dual Blades
  • Proper class selection at character creation
  • crouch / stealth (assassins class abilities mostly and for teabagging)
  • Warp Engine (create more sexy warp screens)
  • Achievement System
  • Microphone (if compatable)
  • Switch from 2.5d to 3D (in teh future lol)
  • and much much more



v.18 out now!
Posted by elevations - 21/04/11 05:05AM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

After a long wait version 18 is now released! happy easter everyone the event is scheduled to be setup soon.

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