Fallen Evolution v.17.5 Trailer
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FE Paperdoll Update!
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As of now i have decided to make this application to be displayed on the donation page permanently for testing items before you donate for FE gift cash!

It's still in beta though and i will add gender change button when i get more time to work on it.


FE Storyline
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The Story of FE(Fantasy Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game FMMORPG)

Theres 6 classes you can choose from. You are a decendant from the heavens sent here to bring the world back to its original peace, however there are wars going on between each clan (classes) and the summoners are fighting against the assassins and other clans, but ontop of all that, the land, villages, and towns are suffering from the evil darkness(unamed demon) that has taken over the land.

Monsters have been lurking out of hell and destroying towns and peoples villages
while your on your quest to understand why your here and how to help peoples problems you stumple upon the holy grail the cup your ancient ancestors left behind but it wasn't intended for you. You then lift the curse that it was holding. Which was keeping a powerful demon named Kamashi inside his seal/cage, and the world turns to ruins before your eyes and you are sent to fix it but the ancient ancestors are too old and cannot fight anymore and its your task to stop Kamashi for now.

But Kamashi also has his own little story too. 100 years ago he was once one of the greatest magicians in the land of raen (raen = worlds name) and he had a beautiful wife. He had been under the ancient ancestors teachings they originally planned for him to destroy the evil darkness but the evil darkness had got to him before they could do anything to stop him.

After you defeat Kamashi you will learn about this story and you will have to travel back in time because its too late to save the world that you are currently in. You realise this once you stumble upon a few more quests revealing a time travel mechanism that holds the world in balance and keeps it stable. (Fallen Evolution Universe Core)

So you get teleported to a new world once you have completed all quests in the game and are at least 100 reborn, where you use your time travel mechanism to go back in time where Kamashi was still human(not a blood thirsty demon). The evil darkness had already taken his wife and tricked him into believing that the evil darkness was the only person who could bring his wife back he trusted the evil darkness and gave him his soul and was turned into a blood thirsty killing machine (demon).

Which then the ancient ancestors who looked over Kamashi from these other clans had too seal Kamashi away to stop him from destroying the world. But they didn't stop the evil darkness that created him. The evil darkness turned the ancestors greatest ally against them.

You go back in time in order to destroy the evil darkness and stop it all from ever happening and so Kamashi doesn't turn into a demon. Then the world doesn't destroy itself like its going to before you find out that your current world was already doomed and that it was too late to save it.

and thats basically the whole game.. however its far from complete and i plan to change it alot more.

New website buttons!
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Hello it has come to my attention that the website needed new faster and more smexy buttons so there they are --^.

Hope you enjoy them and they make the page load faster just for you :grin:

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